Welcome to the coven.

For all the caffeinated, horror loving, pastel goth ghouls. All are welcome here.

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Where to Shop

You can shop Caffeinated Coven Co. online, and in-person at Ghoulish Delights in Woodland Hills, CA.

We are currently pursuing vending opportunities throughout California. Check out our Events page for more in-person shopping opportunities!

  • Shoutout LA Interview

    "I had to learn to not be influenced by the projections of others, and to allow myself to pursue what I love without hesitation."

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  • Downey Patriot Interview

    Caroline Medina, owner of Caffeinated Coven Company, is adding a splash of pink to and giving a feminine vibe to a community with a once-heavy masculine atmosphere. 

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  • Voyage LA Interview

    "I think it’s fair to say I doubted my capabilities – I didn’t ever think it would grow to be as big as it is, or even become such a big part of my identity and my life."

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